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This year’s topic: “Game Changer AI – How Marketing needs to recreate itself”
Where: House of Communication  – Brienner Str. 45 a-d, D-80333 Munich
When: 20 February 2017, 10 am – 5 pm || Get-Together: 9 am

Daniel Rettig


Welcome & moderation

About Daniel Rettig

Daniel Rettig, born in 1981 in Cologne, manages the “Success” section of WirtschaftsWoche magazine. He has published several books and writes about psychology in a professional and private context in his blog Rettig graduated from the Cologne School of Journalism and studied economics at Cologne University.

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Member of International Advisory and Supervisory Boards, Technology Entrepreneur and Expert in the fields of AI and Cybersecurity

AI in Business. AI as a Business.

AI has been defined as one of the most powerful technologies, and the most valuable companies in the world declared their strategy to be an AI-centric one. Andrew Ng compares it to electricity, while Kevin Kelly believes that the business of the next 10,000 start-ups can be described simply as “Take x, and add AI”. But mastering the art of AI is not without its difficulties, as companies need to get to grips with multiple technologies including semiconductors, cloud, data processing software, application design and cybersecurity.
Companies are making choices that will dictate how AI services are used and perceived, and what impact they will have at a micro and macro level. That also implies risks – in terms of inequality and reputation, which all businesses should have on their radar.

About Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

As a technology entrepreneur, Dr Anastassia Lauterbach is director of Dun & Bradstreet, and Chairwoman of Technology & Innovation Committee. She also serves as a Chairwoman of Censhare AG and is on the board of Wirecard AG. Furthermore, she is member of the Advisory Council of Next Gen Board Leaders for Nasdaq. Dr Lauterbach is the leading author of the book “The Artificial Intelligence Imperative: A Practical Roadmap for Business”, published by Praeger in April 2018.

Kai Hartmann

Director Product Development Central Europe, GfK

AI@work – The next level insights for Market Research

The genie is out of the bottle. Big data, AI and cloud computing have well and truly arrived. Businesses are having to make data-driven decisions. But leveraging artificial intelligence to drive business outcome and shareholder value is a serious ambition. The current hype surrounding these topics creates a blurry picture that is calling for urgent clarification. How do modern AI solutions work? We will demystify the topic and demonstrate hands-on examples of AI solutions for marketing intelligence at work.

About Kai Hartmann

Kai Hartmann is Director of Product Development for Central Europe at GfK. He has more than ten years of experience in the market research sector and was most recently responsible for GfK’s communications solutions worldwide. In his new position, he focuses on developing innovative solutions by integrating various data sources in order to answer customer questions; he also joins forces with his customers with a view to resolving complex marketing problems.

Dr. Sabrina Zeplin

Vice President Business Intelligence, Otto Group


With new channels being added on a daily basis, in these times of “always on”, our attention span is sinking drastically. How can we still manage to get through to our customers? How do we inspire them? And how do we create relevant personal interaction that is scalable on the mass market? Dr Zeplin will be showing how data and self-learning algorithms can help us in this and the crucial role they play in protecting our own data.

About Dr. Sabrina Zeplin

Since 2012, Dr Sabrina Zeplin, as Director of Business Intelligence, has been responsible for developing the Otto Group, with its 100-plus affiliated companies, into a pioneer of digital customer inspiration.
Before taking on this role, Dr Zeplin, who has a PhD in business administration, held various positions in the Group’s internal management consultancy department. Prior to joining the ranks of the Otto Group in year 2007, Dr Zeplin worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Hamburg for six years, where she managed strategy projects in the sectors of consumer goods, retail and media.
Dr Zeplin is married and has two children

Marcus Ambrus

Managing Director Plan.Net Business Intelligence


After many years of market discussions about the need for an intermedia planning instrument, we, the Serviceplan Group, came up with the facts. Together with an interdisciplinary team, we have developed a system that not only makes 19 forms of media plannable, but also predicts the brand and sales success of media planning investments.
The Brand Investor was presented at the Serviceplan Brand Roadshow in spring 2018 to more than 1,000 marketing decision-makers in Germany and received excellent feedback. It is also being discussed by important marketers and market associations as a possible standard for intermedia planning.

About Marcus Ambrus

Marcus Ambrus – Managing Director of Plan.Net Business Intelligence
In this function, Marcus Ambrus is responsible for brand and sales-oriented marketing communication programmes, which are based on first-class data science or machine-learning strategies and tactics. On the market of media agencies, Plan.Net Business Intelligence is the most advanced company for the key performance indicators of communication investments. In previous roles at Plan.Net, Mindshare and Yahoo!, in 14 years he drove forward the digital transformation of the communication of noteworthy brands. His focus is on the efficient integration of digital media into classic communication and the corresponding integrated analysis and optimisation of communication efficiency.

Holger Volland

Founder of THE ARTS+, Vice President of Frankfurt Book Fair

The creative power of machines

We are on the brink of a new cultural era. Artificial intelligence is forcing its way into more and more areas of our personal lives and culture. Self-learning algorithms are changing our creativity and language, composing music, influencing our senses, making media and content suggestions for us, finding us the right colleagues, knowing what we want and influencing our experiences. Now that machines are learning and generating their own contents, taking on a decisive role in our culture and thereby influencing our society, how should we handle it?

About Holger Volland

Holger Volland is author of the book “Die kreative Macht der Maschinen” (“The Creative Power of Machines”) published by Beltz in 2018 and researches the repercussions of artificial intelligence on culture and creativity.
He is Vice President of the Frankfurt Book Fair and together with Christiane zu Salm he established THE ARTS+ – an annual digital culture festival in October.
Before that, he held management positions at agencies like Pixelpark, Leipziger & Partner and Metadesign.

Frank Bachér

Managing Director of Digital Media, RMS Radio Marketing Service GmbH & Co. KG

Adressing the unadressable – the first intelligent audio DMP

The established mass medium of radio has developed into the digital multichannel medium of audio, which listeners are using across all devices and throughout all times of the day. But more and more digital audio channels are not only providing access to these users: on the basis of data and its profiling, they are also making it possible to address specific target groups in relevant consumer situations. By means of targeting, advertising clients are therefore optimising their campaign ROI. To meet the needs of the digital marketing reality even better, RMS has developed the first audio data management platform, in order to broadcast campaigns in a fully data-driven way to 100 percent of the RMS online audio reach.

About Frank Bachér

Since November 2016, Frank Bachér has been in charge of the digital business area at RMS. His main responsibilities include the ongoing development and strategic expansion of the ad server-based advertising business for audio services.
The established expert in digital advertising can look back on almost 20 years of experience within the industry.
Most recently, Bachér worked as Managing Director Northern Europe for Rubicon Project.
He has also held the positions of Vice-President Online and Central Europe with Sabre Travel Network and Director of Marketing & Sales at InteractiveMedia.

Dr. Annina Neumann

Vice President Data Technology, ProSiebenSat.1

Sven-Olaf Planert

Product Manager Sonderwerbeformen, SevenOne Media


Compared to classic forms of advertising, context-related advertising has a more positive influence on ad recall, brand awareness and brand consideration. Even just identifying precisely fitting contents to suitably place advertising campaigns poses a significant challenge. This challenge can be met with the use of AI. Contents and formats can be automatically analysed and categorised into categories such as storylines, topics and emotions. This enables a much faster and more customer-friendly coordination and booking process.

In terms of its advertising offers, ProSiebenSat.1 is already using such an AI and has carried out the first test campaigns with contextual ads. Annina Neumann, Vice President of Data Technology at ProSiebenSat.1, and Sven-Olaf Planert, Product Manager of Special Advertising Formats at SevenOne Media, will be highlighting the challenges and results of the first AI-based campaigns. They will also be showing how else AI can be used in a video context.

About Dr Annina Neumann

Dr Annina Neumann manages the Data Technology team at ProSiebenSat.1, which concentrates on developing data-driven software components and solving complex challenges associated with data analysis. She works with a team of data engineers, data scientists, web developers and business partners. Before joining ProSiebenSat.1, Neumann worked in IT consultancy and studied bioinformatics and neurosciences.

About Sven-Olaf Planert

As Product Management Director of Special Advertising Formats at SevenOne Media, Sven-Olaf Planert develops innovative advertising offers in the TV and digital sector. Since 2005 he has held various positions within the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, most recently as Director of SevenOne AdFactory.
Before that he worked as a sports editor, including for ran.

Astrid Maier

Chief Reporter Ada in conversation with

Alexander Franke

Founder & CEO,


With the help of artificial intelligence, botconnect enables sales and service teams to conduct successful and engaging sales conversations – in every customer interaction.
Via chat or voice and in real time, the botconnect Sales Advisor provides specific assistance, such as which product best suits the customer, as well as all contents of the conversation and open questions for the sales pitch.

About Astrid Maier

Astrid Maier is head reporter of ada, the new media brand from the Handelsblatt Media Group. In this role she is also responsible for product development.
Prior to that, Astrid Maier managed the Companies & Markets sections, as well as the Innovation & Digital section of WirtschaftsWoche magazine.
For over a decade she has been writing about the tech economy and how it is changing business and society, working for Manager Magazin and the Financial Times Deutschland.
Astrid Maier is a graduate of the John S Knight fellowship programme in Stanford and co-founder of Dverse Media, a platform for innovations and diversity in journalism.

About Alexander Franke

Alexander Franke, born in 1980, studied business IT in Stuttgart and has worked in the software industry for over 15 years, including in Palo Alto and Helsinki. In addition to developing consultancy firm etventure in Berlin, he played a definitive role in the successful transformation of steel company Klöckner.
In 2017 he established the start-up in Berlin and has since been helping companies to increase their revenue with the real-time collaboration between employees and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Fabio Zoffi

President, ORS Group


Artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency – ABC, the new digital alphabet – are three key technologies which can be applied to disrupt, innovate and improve the efficiency of any business model and processes of any value chain. Insights into featured cases will be presented.

About Dr. Fabio Zoffi

Dr Fabio Zoffi, is President & Executive Chairman of ORS GROUP, a leading applied AI enterprise software company. He is a serial tech entrepreneur and venture investor.
Born in Venice and living in Munich since 1992, he is a German and Italian citizen. Dr Fabio Zoffi studied business economics at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Dr. Henning Beck

Neuroscientist, Author, German Science Slam Master


One day, mankind will reach a time when all technical achievements will be eclipsed. The day when artificial intelligence will outperform our own thinking and develop new solutions. But that day is still far away. After all, the brain is still the only organisation that can produce new thoughts.
Henning Beck will be taking a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the most flawed yet, at the same time, most innovative structure in the world: the brain.
A scientific plea for mistakes in thinking and the appeal of new ideas.

About Dr. Henning Beck

Dr Henning Beck, neuroscientist and author, supports businesses in coming up with better ideas. He won the German Science Slam Nationals for his authentic approach of showing science in a memorable and compelling way.
Dr Henning Beck delivers scientific advancements in his books (“Scatterbrain: How Flaws and Mistakes Help the Brain Succeed”, 2019) and regularly writes articles for GEO-science magazine and German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, in which he links neuroscience to daily life.