WirtschaftsWoche is the biggest business news magazine in Germany. It is a mouthpiece and discussion platform for everyone who understands business, not just as a profession, but as a way of looking at the world. WirtschaftsWoche provides an overview of the week’s current topics, along with new perspectives, clear positions and the necessary background information.

The WirtschaftsWoche group of brands also offers you the unique opportunity to address decision-maker target groups in a variety of ways: on stock exchange trading days via the website, several times a week by e-mail newsletter, weekly via the magazine and globally via the iPad app. Events and direct mailings round off WirtschaftsWoche’s portfolio of services, making it an essential component of your communications strategy for decision-makers.

WirtschaftsWoche readers belong to Germany’s business elite. They have an above-average amount of money at their disposal and make a significant contribution to the developments in their companies. They make investment decisions not only at work, but also in their private lives. Their role as opinion leaders and multipliers – both professionally and privately – makes them an indispensable premium target group.

Beat Balzli

Beat Balzli

Chief Editor WirtschaftsWoche