Our approach to audio has changed. Nowadays, every user of the wide range of FM and online audio offers creates a comfort zone for themselves to suit the situation, activity and mood – their audio sphere. Those who wish to advertise successfully here need the full audio package that reaches millions of people.

RMS is the leading marketer on the German audio advertising market. With its extensive portfolio, RMS offers advertisers individual solutions for reaching their target audience effectively.

The marketing services provided by RMS extend across the entire audio spectrum, embracing the advertising times and formats of 166 private radio stations and more than 900 online audio streams and mobile apps. RMS AUDIO TOTAL brings together the outstanding reach of FM radio and the targeted approach of online audio in one product. This convergent approach is geared towards people’s altered listening habits and uses new and established touchpoints to successfully motivate consumers in their individual everyday situations.

RMS is the driving force behind numerous innovations in the areas of convergence assessment, market research, media management and creation – always with the aim of offering advertisers solutions to the complex demands of effective media planning with booking tools and new ways of proving the effectiveness of the approaches used.

Chairman of the board is Matthias Wahl. Chief sales officer is Alexander Sempf.

Matthias Wahl

Matthias Wahl

Chairman of the board, RMS