Best Brands College

In order to underline the informative aspect of Best Brands, prior to the evening’s awards ceremony is a congress during the day: At the Best Brands College high-profile speakers discuss the overriding topic of “How to attract Millennials”.

How to attract Millennials

Best Brands College 2018

House of Communication Munich
Brienner Str. 45 a-d
80333 Munich

21 February 2018

9:30 AM – Get-together

Joana-Marie Stolz

Head of Cultural Strategy, Serviceplan Gruppe

Welcome & moderation

Dr. Robert Kecskes

Senior Insights Director GfK

The Creative Lifestyle of Millennials – Join the immersive experience

Millennials are the creative middle class of the future. And thereby form the economic backbone of our society. But what really makes these new young target groups (‘Millennials’, ‘iBrains’ and ‘Smarties’) stand out? What are their wishes and attitudes and how does that shape their behaviour? And how does that effect their buying habits, consumption and brand loyalty? We will show you what drives and moves millennials, how they use the digital world and which trends play a decisive role.

Gerald Neumüller

Director Research, SevenOne Media GmbH

#läuftbeidir – How millennials really tick

Millennials are said to have turned their backs on traditional media. They love presenting themselves on social media, only access content when they want it, and influencers seem to be their role models. All myths or real facts? The media use of millennials and its resulting consequences for high-impact brand communication are explained by Gerald Neumüller, Research Director at SevenOne Media GmbH.

Frank Bachér

Head of Digital Media at RMS Radio Marketing Service GmbH & Co. KG

Generation Headphones – Why millennials listen to best brands

We see people wearing headphones everywhere we go. It is their way of creating their own personal audiosphere to suit their own tastes. Mobility and individuality define their lifestyle; the smartphone is their gateway to the world. And their headphones their visible symbol. We call them “Generation Headphones”. Most of them grew up with internet and mobile communication and perceive brands in a very different way due to their media usage. In the future, target groups will enter into dialogue with their technological devices mainly by speaking and listening. The internet is becoming more auditory and brands need to prepare themselves for this.

Prof. Peter Wippermann

Founder of the Trendbüro

Young sceptics in search of meaning – The shift in values of young adults and its repercussions on media and consumerism

The millennials are the first generation of digital natives and have meanwhile become adults.
They use social media more than other generations, but are less and less enthusiastic about new technologies. Their search for the meaning of it all has begun. Myths fascinate them more than self-marketing. Real experiences are more valuable to them than products.

Lea-Sophie Cramer

Founder and managing director, Amorelie

How AMORELIE made sex sexy – From taboo to lifestyle

Markus Kremer

Markus Kremer, Managing Partner, Serviceplan Campaign International

Alessandro Panella

Managing Director of Serviceplan Consulting Group

Beck’s: A global beer brand puts millennials in the pole position

How Beck’s conquered the hearts of a young target group with a modern interpretation of freedom.
For a young target group, freedom these days no longer means travelling to a far-flung destination or owning something, but going your own way, while acting and thinking independently: true freedom begins with yourself and having the courage to take risks. To convey this message authentically, Beck’s has proven its own courage and, instead of focusing attention on itself, left the stage to its target group.

Claudia Willvonseder

Global Marketing and Communication Manager / CMO, Ikea Group

The Purposeful Brand – The Power of WHY

Ikea is a purpose-driven brand. Its vision “to create a better everyday life for many people” is the ‘why’ of Ikea – and spans all aspects from its range and pricing to the sustainability agenda, the employee idea and brand management. For millennials, the question of whether a company or brand is driven by a purpose is a decisive one. These are the companies that millennials want to work for. These are the brands and businesses that millennials take an interest in and get involved with, that they recommend and whose products and services they ultimately also buy. This presentation shows how Ikea is living out its purpose, implementing it in the marketing mix and how this is reflected in the success of the Ikea love brand.

Marieke Reimann

Editor-in-Chief of

Moving away from the YOLO factor – How to authentically appeal to young target groups online

Young generations access information differently: they no longer simply believe what they read in the newspaper in the morning or what they see on the news in the evening. Information flickers over the screens of their smartphones and laptops 24/7. In order for it to be categorised and made accessible, an alternative to traditional news and investigative journalism is needed. Young magazine, published by the ZEIT-Verlag, appeals to its readers with an authentic form of address, strong opinions and new formats.

Ann-Katrin Schmitz

Co-founder and management, NovaLanaLove

Influencer marketing – Best practices based on the example of NovaLanaLove

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Oliver Stock
Oliver StockDeputy Editor-in-Chief of WirtschaftsWoche
Jan Honsel
Jan HonselManaging Director of H3 Digital Consulting
Norbert Wirth
Norbert WirthGlobal Head Data Driven Analytics, GfK
Stefan Genth
Stefan GenthManaging Director of Handelsverband Deutschland HDE
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Maria ExnerDeputy Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT Online
Philipp Riederle
Philipp RiederleDigital native, entrepreneur and author
Sonja van Daelen
Sonja van DaelenResponsible for the marketing of PiCK UP! at Bahlsen
Tom Schwarz
Tom SchwarzManaging Director of SevenOne AdFactory
Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber
Prof. Dr. Christian BlümelhuberMarketing expert